Characteristics Of A Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Cushion cut diamond rings are ideal for people who want elegance and style in one. The cushion cut diamond made its mark in the early 1900s and has only risen in popularity ever since.

There are many characteristics that make a cushion cut diamond a special, including the following:


The facets of a cushion cut diamond ring are not as brilliant as those of other cuts. If you are going for a cushion cut diamond engagement ring, you should know that there will not be a lot of sparkle or fire that will distinguish your expensive ring from other colored stones. However, if you want the ring’s diamond to appear white, the color grade of the diamond should fall in the G-I range.


Cushion cut diamond engagement rings have larger facets and therefore it makes inclusions a lot more visible. The diamond you choose should at least be SI2 on the diamond clarity scale. The rating will ensure that only slight inclusions are prominent if one looks at the diamond from a naked eye. It is important to put clarity in consideration when going for a cushion cut diamond ring because the inclusions can be very prominent if the diamond you choose falls in the lower-grade clarity range.


It is not easy to find a small cushion cut diamond as the bigger planes and facets are best obtained when a large stone is cut. In order to fully acknowledge a cushion cut diamond’s faceting pattern, go for one that is at least 3/4th of a carat and not any smaller. If you go for a diamond that is smaller than 3/4th of a carat, it will not be easy to see and acknowledge the authentic character of your diamond’s cut.

The Cut

Every cushion cut diamond stone’s measurement varies from stone to stone. Few cushion cuts are rectangular whereas others tend to be square. The optimal ratio of a cushion cut diamond (its length and width) is not even devised by experts. On the other hand, according to various guides such as the diamond cuts guide, the cushion cut diamond should have a 1.2-1.3 length to width ratio. Another guide, the Blue Nile, says that the ratio should be 1.0 to 1.05. However, it is important to note that the ratio of the diamond is more about personal preferences.