7 Sparkly Engagement Rings That Will Make Your Fiancée Say Yes

The concept of engagement rings is hardly new. It is said that Ancient Egyptians started this tradition. It was even once believed that the fourth finger contains a vein that that runs directly to the heart. However, it was only in 1947 when Frances Gerety created the wildly famous tagline “A Diamond Is Forever” that diamonds became the modern-day engagement standard.

Today, modern-day engagement rings come in a different array of gems, with different shapes and sizes. Some jewelry stores also that offer bespoke engagement ring designs (like this website). Finding the right ring for your lady is tricky ‒ you might need some ideas first before you go shopping.

So if you're a man wanting to propose to your fiancée, you have to be well-prepared. Here are sparkly engagement ring ideas that will make your woman say yes:

Trilliant cut diamonds

Also known as "trillion" these triangle-shaped cut stones are known to have originated first in the Netherlands. Classic soon-to-be-brides would usually prefer its round-cut counterpart, but choosing a triangular cut shaped stone is a risk worth taking. If you're lucky enough, you would even hear the sweet "yes" before you even pop the question!

If your woman pays a lot of attention to details especially with the size of the stone, trilliant cut diamonds is probably the best choice as it appears to be much larger than the standard round cut of the same carat.

Unique Halo

If you want to get all retro with a touch of Art Deco charm ‒ then the halo is a perfect choice. This stunning retro design is recently making a comeback ‒ everything from classic, vintage-inspired designs to geometric binged-out halos.

For a time, halo settings have been widely popular. With a row of sparkling gems that emphasizes the beauty of the center stone, it's easy to see why ‒ a halo design makes the stone look larger.


Colored Accents

Colored stones were one of the most significant trends back in 2016. Up this day, it remains as one of the most coveted rings in the market. Recently, there is an added twist that's making a buzz. Instead of single colored stones, gemstone accents are added.

A two stone ring with a pink diamond halo or a diamond and emerald duo will look livelier because of the striking pop of color.


The engagement ring in the Edwardian era. Edwardian rings are well-known for its intricacy and femininity. A hallmark of this period is using colored gemstones, tons of diamonds, and platinum with all the subtleties.

So if you're looking for an antique or vintage-inspired design, you'll be captivated of the distinct charm of an Edwardian ring. With the delicate craftsmanship of the era, getting this striking, antique piece is truly exceptional.


Stacks has always been a favorite by boho brides over the last couple of years. These rings are usually in pairs, trios and quadruples of blingy bands. Modern-day brides are now rocking three, four, or even five wedding rings on their fingers. It's because stackable engagement and wedding rings are trending across jewelry and design board all over the internet.

Some sets are usually attached to form a single ring while others have individual bands wherein the wearers can mix and match on their fingers every day.


A delightful alternative to diamonds, opals are beautiful stones with a somewhat mystical quality. Usually characterized by rainbow hues that flash when the stone catches the light, opals are highly prized stones because of their rare beauty. These stones are associated with loyalty and love, which represents a long and happy marriage between couples.

Intertwined Bands

Intertwined bands are symbolic at the same time stunning. It's trending design represents two lives merging as one. The twisted band represents the romantic notion that two people will be forever intertwined with love.

In Summary

Before deciding to buy a ring for your soon-to-be-fiancee, you have to know what your lady wants. Choosing the right engagement ring is no easy task ‒ you might buy an over the top ring only to find out that she prefers a much simpler band. So start doing research first ahead of time, consult her mother and closest friends.